Accra, Ghana

The capital of Ghana, Accra is one of the most interesting places of its region. It bursts with culture and the heritage of the African people is present in the architecture and infrastructure of the city. Accra is the most populated town in Ghana with approximately 2 million residents. The city is overflowing with trendy shops, antique buildings, modern skyscrapers, and shanty towns; however, you may even see a castle in the midst. Tourists become enchanted by the many attractions Accra has to offer. Whether it be lying on the sandy beach under the brilliant sun or gaining a history lesson about Ghana at the National Museum, there will never be a dull moment in this vibrant and cultural capital.

Accra, Ghana, West Africa is home to the Cocoa Marketing Board since Ghana’s main export is cocoa. The city is also the headquarters for businesses such as banks and shops where bright colored fabric, leather, textiles, and lumber are manufactured. The Osu Castle, which has been the seat of government since British colonial rule, is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Not only is it a political building but it also contains a café, post office, clinic, garrison, and shopping area. Although Accra is a business center, the combination of markets and nightclubs provide a mixture of African traditions and excitement. As part of the traveling experience, collecting souvenirs is the best way to remember a destination. This is why bargaining with the local street venders is an exhilarating way to grasp a piece of African art. For a great night, head to one of the lively nightclubs, where you can dance the night away to either a live band or recorded music.

In Accra there are phenomenal restaurants that serve a variety of dishes. Whether it is international or African delicacies, the cuisine is incomparable and will leave you salivating for more. Aromas from fried plantain, rice and beans, banku, groundnut soup, and fried fish and yam prevail in the local African restaurants. For individuals who are brave enough to taste an authentic Ghanaian dish, chop bars are also famous for unique cuisines such as kenkey and fufu. These foods will improve your gastronomical experience incredibly.

A tro-tro (shared taxi) or a private taxi is the most convenient and cheapest form of transportation in Accra. However, prices have to be negotiated before heading to your destination. Buses are another means of transportation. The VanefSTC bus station (west/north) provides trips to Kumasi ($5-$7); Takoradi ($4.20-$5.50); Cape Coast ($2.70-$4.20); and Tarnale ($10-$16). The other VanefSTC bus station (east) provides trips to Ho ($4.40); Hohoe ($3.30-$5.50; and Aflao ($5). Filled with duty free stores and other chic shops, Kotoka International Airport is the gateway from Accra to many major cities in Africa and to many other cities all around the world.

Accra is a tropical city which makes its Homowo Festival that much more enjoyable. During the city’s warmest months (March-April), temperatures average from as high as 91°F to as low as 74°F. During the coldest months (June-September) temperature ranges from 84°F to 74°F.

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