Aalborg, Denmark

Once settled by the Vikings, Aalborg, Denmark is a lively and fascinating city. Museums, narrow streets and antique homes decorate the old city elaborately and provide a panoramic view of its history while also transforming into a fast-paced city with its exotic cuisine and chic shopping areas. Not only is Aalborg known for its architecture, but for once being one of the busiest trade centers in Denmark. Whether you are gazing at the controversial paintings of Wilhelm Freddie at the Kunsten or watching a baby giraffe being born at the Aalborg zoo, there are many attractions that add to the ambiance which brings memories and experiences that are unforgettable for both adults and children.

Aalborg which was once called Alabu, is the fourth largest city in Denmark. It has a population of over 120,000 residents and it is located in Northern Jutland peninsula. It is filled with international restaurants, picturesque architecture, antique shops, and museums, such as the Lindholm Høje Museum that pays homage to the Viking Age by displaying hundreds of Viking graves. Aalborg also has a vibrant night life with many pubs and bars that are filled with chatter and laughter, while the sounds of music drone in the background as you sip on some of the city’s famous beers.

While enjoying the many tourist attractions Aalborg has to offer, dining on the city’s cuisine is also a great part of the adventure. Whether it’s chocolate or a sugary delicacy from a café or feasting on seafood, Italian and French dishes, musk ox, or even reindeer, many restaurants not only offer fine Danish and international dishes, but also provide the luxury of soaking in the atmosphere and culture of the city. Restaurant Elbjør, which was once a ship that ventured into Denmark’s waters, now serves both French and Danish delicacies and it offers one of the richest sceneries of Aalborg.

Transportation in Aalborg is fairly easy. There are different modes of transportation that make it hassle-free for travelers to get around the city. Express buses are also available to travelers who want to travel to different European cities. They depart in the city’s center at John F. Kennedy Square. Trains provide connections to other cities in Denmark like Jutland, Funen, and Copenhagen. Walking and bicycling are also modes for transportation if you want to explore Aalborg. Bicycle lanes are everywhere so tourists can rent bicycles for free by using the city bike program. You will only need a 20 Danish kroner coin (3.30 USD) to put in the slot which releases a bike from the bicycle rack. The coin is refundable upon return of the bicycle to one of the stands. Only ten minutes away from the city center, Aalborg Airport also provides flights and connected flights to major cities in Europe and all over the world.

The weather in DeEgypt, Africanmark is known to be unpredictable and changes constantly. The summers can either be humid or breezy with temperatures averaging up to 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F). Winters are cold and windy with generally light snow with temperatures averaging from -30°C to 3°C (-22°F to 37.4°F). Rain is also unpredictable and frequent so remember to always have an umbrella handy.

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